What We Do

Property Tax Review Services wins fair tax treatment for Ontario property owners. We find, appeal and correct the government errors, inconsistencies and misinterpretations that inflate your tax bill.

How We Do It

Our key services for Industrial, Commercial and Residential property owners are Review and Appeal, Assessment Forecasting and Reporting Management.

Assessment Review

We conduct a comprehensive review of how tax and assessment officials decided how much tax you pay, then make sure you are given every possible benefit. This process includes:

  • Documentation – We gather the documents used to determine your tax level.
  • Verification – Inaccuracies, omissions or inconsistencies in these documents are recorded.
  • Analysis – Determining how assessors used the documents to draw conclusions.
  • Appeal Preparation – Identifying grounds for appeal and preparing all required documents.
  • Appeal Management – Attending to all submissions, correspondence or other paperwork, representing you at any hearings. And keeping you fully informed every step of the way.

Assessment Forecasts

Developers can design new projects to produce the lowest possible tax assessment, based on our accurate pre-assessment forecasts and expert advice. Avoid tax “surprises”.

Reporting Management

We manage the paperwork to keep assessment officials up-to-date on your properties, to ensure the best tax rates and head-off any conflicts as property use changes.

Municipal Review and Appeal

Municipal tax bills are scrutinized to identify errors and unfair interpretations. Tax Demands can be challenged and appeals launched to defend your rights under the Ontario Municipal Act.