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Property Tax Review Services wins fair tax treatment for Ontario property owners.
We find, appeal and correct the government errors, inconsistencies and misinterpretations that inflate your tax bill.


Filing a Request for Reconsideration:

Starting in 2016, property owners will have 120 days from the Issue Date on their Property Assessment Notice to file a Request for Reconsideration. The Issue Date and your unique Request for Reconsideration deadline are included on your Property Assessment Notice.

MPAC’s Response to the Request for Reconsideration:

MPAC will send you a letter with the results of their review within 180 days (or less) of when they get your request. Sometimes with more complex scenarios, they may need more time (up to 60 more days) to reconsider a property assessment and complete a review. MPAC will contact you if they need more time.

MPAC can request an extension to which they will send you a letter. The timeframes for filing “Requests for Reconsideration” AND “Appeals” have changed for 2017 ONLY. Check your assessment carefully for the appropriate dates. Not everyone has the same filing date for 2017.

Filing an Appeal with the Assessment Review Board:

The time limit to file an appeal with the Assessment Review Board starts on the date that MPAC issued the results of your Request for Reconsideration and ends after 90 days. The deadline for submitting an appeal to the Assessment Review Board will be in the letter that MPAC sends you with the results of the Request for Reconsideration.

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Our Success Stories

Gary and I are senior citizens with a very limited income and love our home. Without your help with correcting our tax increase, from the Ottawa amalgamation, we would have been in a very difficult position.

— Mrs. R., Richmond

It would have been impossible for ourselves, who are not in the know, to walk into this minefield of Municipal taxes and be able to arrive at a positive conclusion. Your services have been able to save thousands of dollars at the hand of Municipal Government which would have levied ...

— Automotive Group, Ottawa, ON.

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MPAC Data Collection and Sale

MPAC collects data from property owners throughout Ontario. The collection of this data is allowed under the Assessment Act. That information is then assembled into a study and sold...